Our Approach


Inside you’ll find yourself in an oasis, surrounded by beauty and world-renowned talented stylists and creatives.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you


The Values


Our mission is to bring the highest level of service to this side of the neighborhood, having everyone leave feeling beautiful from the inside out.



Elegance is beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity.


Believe It

Is an important component of physical fitness and has many positive effects on the body.


Live It

That means, the power of being in harmony or one in spirit.



This is about making things accessible to all people (whether they have a disability or not).


Believe It

It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences.


Live It

We have the capacity of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.

Our Story


The beginning

“…Honeys was founded in 2008 by Santa Barbara local Christine Starr. Here is her story, told several times over and heard by many –

I was living in San Francisco in the late 90’s, at which time most beauty salons were mostly very avant garde. I had been inspired by the woman who waxed my eyebrows at a local brow bar to look further into the profession of esthetics. She was happy, secure and absolutely loved her job! She made it look effortless and I loved how she worked independently. Instantly I knew I could have a promising future becoming an esthetician. Brazilian waxing had just become very popular and was taking the industry by storm but was still very exclusive and expensive. I researched where to go and found myself at a high-end salon & spa in Union Square.

Searching our style

The woman who did my Brazilian was rough, gruff and unfriendly. She tossed me around the table like a rag doll and didn’t do a thing to help me feel at ease none the less talk to me. Needless to say it was quite an all around uncomfortable experience, but I LOVED the results. I went to my job at the restaurant I was working at and bragged to my girlfriends about my new Brazilian, pushing them to see how smooth it was. They all couldn’t wait to try it themselves! I continued seeing that same woman and every experience was like the one before – awful. What finally got me was having to go home and tweeze what she failed to completely remove… being thorough was not her forte. I swore in that moment next time I would do it myself. Before you knew it I had perfected my own waxing and the girls at work wanted me to do them too! I had a viable ‘black market’ waxing side business and just knew I had to do it professionally. I had dreamt as a young girl of having my own shop and running a business, and now I knew what that would be! One Spring day I walked into a nail salon and that day forever changed my future.

New Generation

The salon was carved out of a quaint craftsman bungalow and was the warmest salon environment I had ever seen. Wide planked wood flooring, slipcovered sofas and glimmering chandeliers adorned the warm, glowing space. I found myself instantly at home and couldn’t stop thinking how I felt I was at a boutique rather than a salon, a notion then that was quite rare, although now much more common. This is how Honeys was born. I knew how it would look, feel, and even smell 8 years prior to ever opening the doors. Many people have walked into Honeys and would recall that I had described it just as it was. Manifestation is a powerful thing and Honeys was built of dreams. Sure it’s just a beauty salon – but for every smile that has walked out the door and act of kindness I’ve been able to demonstrate through being a part of Honeys, it is so much more…”



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